Speaker Information

Important Time Information for this MAC

Deadline for Final Slides

Monday morning (!!), 2. May

Preparation Meeting

Thursday, 28.04., 13:00 (dry runs)

DESY MAC Session

Monday, 9. May, 9:00 to Tuesday, 10th, 16:00

Joint Session with XFEL

Tuesday, 10. May 9:00 - 12:00

MAC Dinner

Monday, 9. May, 19:00, Panetteria

Information for DESY MAC Speakers

  • We will use the PC installed in the seminar room for the MAC meeting.
  • Note that the allotted times include time for questions and discussion as indicated in the programme.
  • Speakers should come to the preparation meeting with complete presentations as they propose to give them on a memory stick.
  • Please follow the Assertion-Evidence approach for your presentation. An introduction can be found here
  • During the preparation meeting, we don't plan to have a full rehearsal. Instead, be prepared to go through your slides and just point out the important points you want the MAC to get from it.
  • External speakers don't have to attend the preparation meeting but should send in their slides a day before so that we can go through them during the meeting.
  • As usual, we plan to put your slides as pdfs on the web 1 week before the MAC meeting. Therefore, we need the final version of your slides in advance of the MAC meeting at the deadline given above.
    (If you can supply your talk earlier this would be a great help.)
  • If you are using animations, movies, complex graphics, need special software, codecs etc, let me know early enough. The first day of the MAC meeting is too late.
  • Important: "Last minutes changes" to your slides have to be delivered to me latest 1h before start of the MAC meeting!

During the MAC meeting

We expect all speakers to attend their respective session; no turning up just for your talk please.

MAC dinner

All speakers are cordially invited to have dinner with the MAC in the Ristorante La Panetteria.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you can attend.

Riko Wichmann (MAC secretary)